​​Horn Family Fund for Environmental Studies   

Graduate Student Teaching Award, Emory University

 Boren Fellowship 

Piedmont Fellow in Sustainability, Teaching, and Curriculum

Global Health Institute Multidisciplinary Team Scholar

Weinstein Family Fellowship 

" Social Components of Climate Change" Furious Pechakucha. New York University, April 24, 2017. 

"Water, Food, and Conflict: How Resource Scarcity Influences Collective Violence" Panel Presentation on Water Supply Scarcities and Resource Interlinkages at the Water SDGs and Future Water Management Symposium, University College London. November 8-9, 2016.  

" Food Security and Stability: A Comparison of Food Riot Mobilization in India and Bangladesh , "Panel Presentation on Food Price Spikes: Causes and Consequences at the International Conference on Global Food Security, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Oct 10-14 2015.  

" Understanding Food Riots: A Time Series Analysis of Contemporary African Protest "Panel Presentation on Collective Behavior at the American Sociological Association Annual Conference, New York City. August 10-13, 2013

"Life After the Regime: Market Volatility After the US Food Regime", Roundtable on Political Economy of the World System with Bill Winders. American Sociological Association's Annual Conference, New York City. August 10-13, 2013. 

"A Multidisciplinary Assessment of Food and Water Security and Climate Change Vulnerability in Bangladesh", Poster presentation with Christina Brosius, Elizabeth Ervin, & Gwendolyn Parker. Global Health Institute Scholars' Symposium, Atlanta, GA. October 17, 2012. 

"Climate Change and Food Security in Bangladesh" Panel Presentation at the Global Applied Research Network, South Asia. Dhaka, Bangladesh. July 15, 2012.  

"The Good, the True,   Poster Presentation, University of Richmond Student Research Symposium, Richmond, VA. April 17, 2009 Poster Presentation, University of Richmond Student Research Symposium, Richmond, VA. April 17, 2009 








PhD, Sociology Emory University 2016

MA, Sociology Emory University 2014

BA, Sociology University of Richmond, 2009




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